2021 Fishing Derby! SOLD OUT!

The 2021 Gavers fishing derby is sold out!
10+ boats will be going out on Lake Michigan on June 7 and we so appreciate the support of this derby!

It’s going to be an awesome time for family/friends, or something different for clients or co-workers.


Event Date and Time
Monday, June 7th: 11:30 AM – 6 PM


Cost and Information
$1,000 (6 people, fishing licenses, fishing guide, fishing gear. Any fish caught will be cleaned for your return trip home.)

To reserve a boat, please make a $1,000 payment to Gavers Community Cancer Foundation.

Payments by check should be mailed to:

Gavers Community Cancer Foundation

PO Box 1724

Woodstock, IL 60098

Credit card payments can be made at:

Donate – Gavers Community Cancer Foundation

If reserving the boat with an online payment, in the FIELD MARKED


Additionally notify Ryan by text or email at Ryan.Wormley@benjaminfedwards.com once the check or credit card payment is made so we can reserve your boat and allocate the payment to the Fishing Tournament with the Foundation’s treasurer.

Steve Gavers: 815-482-8350
Ryan Wormley: 708-203-1129